A Meal in a Cup

You’ve most likely heard of poke bowl or other sorts of “meal-in-a-bowl” item.

We at Kona Loa Coffee took the next step and now offering what we call a “meal in a cup” specials for those who are on the go or wants to satisfy their appetite with a light fix. It’s somewhere between a snack and an entire meal. Cup meals come in three different variations: 

►Poke Cup 

►Spicy Poke Cup

►Natto Cup

Poke Cup

Ahi tuna sliced into cubes flavored with soy sauce, sesame seed oil, scallions, masago eggs, lettuce, cucumber and cilantro with your choice of white or brown rice. (spicy poke available!!)

Natto Cup

Japanese fermented natto beans flavored with soy sauce topped with an egg yolk and nori seaweed with your choice of white or brown rice. 


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Phone Number (949) 861-2611